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the last day

Today is my last day of vacation! So uncool!!!!! That means I have skool tomorrow.... tuesday.....hmmm...... oh fuckin' shit... p.e. tomorrow!!!...... even worse!!!!
Anyway, TODAY is YamaP's b-day! お他尿日おめでとう! Ok, I know he won't see this, but who cares!? So, as b-day gift I'm planning to make a winamp skin of him during week... if I get time.

Soo.... I'm really bored, lol. I just finished watching the latest episodes of Naruto shippuden and bleach, which I was behind schedule... and they were boring,  lol they still haven't gotten to juicy part. As for the manga, its getting fuckin'kick ass!  Specially Bleach, omg, Ulquiorra vs. Ichigo! Ulquiorra looks so hot! As for other manga, I was reading Gokusen which is pretty slow... so far its more or less, I just want to read the end! *cough*whether Shin will end up with Yankumi*cough* Its still on vol 9! And I beleave there are 14 in total... such a looong way.

Changing subject again, I read chapter 135 of furuba and I finally understood! I mean, months ago I read it on japanese 'cause I couldn't wait for the scanlations but I didn't get everything.. I understood that Kyo was asking Tohru to go with him to some far away place, and that she accepted... but I didn't get the part of Tohru's mom.. Now with the scans I was able to understand it! Yatta! Demo neeee... just one chapter to go and its the END! sabishiii-neee------ When I read it Japanese my kokoro was going doki-doki really fast just like on eps 8 and 11 in HYD2!

So... that's it for now. Until next time~~