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Hanadan 3?

I've been reading on different blogs/sites pointing out that they might be a possible Hana Yori Dango 3, now that is something I'm not really happy about 'cause if its true it would mean that the ending of HYD2 won't be so great.... Also, I read that Oguri Shun at first, he didn't want to work on the second part, live alone a third part. That would ruin HYD,  I mean, it can't be hana yori dango without Tsukasa, Rui, Makino, and some bad guy. Though, Shun seems to have said that he camed back from filming in the snowy mountains, this could be a spoiler since according to the manga, there's some scene where Makino gets lost or something. I'm not sure since I haven't read the manga. Anyway, if there's a season 3 it would be aired  on November 2009.

As for the spoilers of the ending of HYD2, I read, and its official that Toda Erika will be playing some Umi girl that will get in between the Tsukasa x Tsukushi relationship. Yes, that's right she'll be hated by many hanadan fans, lol. Well, I just hope Tsukasa recovers his memory on time.