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Back from the Dead

So I've been dead for a few days...I had umm.. electrical problems so I couldn't use the internet up until now...T_T.. But I'm back now! So... let's see... last saturday I went to this place where they were going to present Nana's movie....I didn't got to watch it but I bought a manga.. I got "Shojo Beat" and some cellphone accesories of death note and fullmetal alchemist, yay! So.. anyway, I've been working on my "other" project and I'm 30% done... yeah, I started all over again... Also, i finally got the song "ALONES" full ver. Yay! I'm so happy! Currently I'm downloading Lovely Complex 15 and the last eps of PGE (finally!) ...and... I got the last book of Harry Potter... I'm on the first chapter, though. So, that's about it.