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so, minnasan, ogenkidesuka!!?

kyo wa mokuyoubidesune..... yesterday eps. 11 of LoveCom was released... I stayed awake 'til 2:30am today just to download it and watch it (even though I knew what was going in the eps. since I read it i the manga)... Yes, you can call me crazy, but that's just how I am obsessed with it, lol.

anyway, I'm reading a new manga (again 'cause the ones that I was reading don't have any new chapters T_T) its called Love Monster.. its pretty funny though it can't be perverted at some parts, but the comedy makes up for those... umm.. scenes..

changing subject (i change subject too much, lol... but its just so that I don't make so many entries in a day) so... ehh... I found my old xanga thing... I had posted there my first siggy stuff... when I looked them, i think: "I started photoshop with that shit!?"... and also... i've been noticing that there are many noobs that make sigs so kick ass good. How do they do it? I've no idea...  anyway, here's the link, if you wanna see it.

Umm.. that's it for now... I'm tired of writting >.<