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I want more..... plus!?

Konbachiwa, minna-san!

Today I decided to work on my site but I'm pretty slow... I get distracted to much by reading manga, browsing throgh the internet, etc. For example, right now I'm writting this instead of working on my site xP

So, umm... yesterday... or should I say today around 1:00 am I was reading another manga called: Cherry Juice (incredibly another shoujo manga! Lately I've been into shoujo) The manga is pretty short, 4 volumes, and quite funny, though not as much as Love-Com.  The story is about  the love between two siblings.

But that's not what I'm excited about right now, I just found out that the author of LoveCom released a special: Love Com Plus! I so wanna read it! I don't care if its in japanese!