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On Standby

So how its been, people? My connection was dead for a few days... and during that time I made a new winamp skin, its still not up on my site since I'm waiting to finish another one to release them together, instead of updating two times xp Also, I watched Claymore.. omg! It pretty good, though kinda gross at some parts... but somehow I can stand it (I'm pretty blood paranoic =p)

This morning I was cleaning up my computer... it so full... it still is... even though I managed to take out some gbs.. plus I'm currently downloading more, lol.. I'm downloading the 15th anniversary concert of Laruku. Its divided on 12 parts and I'm just on the first! 1hr 39min.. to download... sooooooo slooooow!!!


Back from the Dead

So I've been dead for a few days...I had umm.. electrical problems so I couldn't use the internet up until now...T_T.. But I'm back now! So... let's see... last saturday I went to this place where they were going to present Nana's movie....I didn't got to watch it but I bought a manga.. I got "Shojo Beat" and some cellphone accesories of death note and fullmetal alchemist, yay! So.. anyway, I've been working on my "other" project and I'm 30% done... yeah, I started all over again... Also, i finally got the song "ALONES" full ver. Yay! I'm so happy! Currently I'm downloading Lovely Complex 15 and the last eps of PGE (finally!) ...and... I got the last book of Harry Potter... I'm on the first chapter, though. So, that's about it.



My winamp skin site is going well, I finally got comments on the shoutbox and I'm going to move to sub-domain soon! For free, yay millions of thanks to Alu! Anyway, right now I'm excited 'cause I just checked my traffic stats and I found that I actually got a visitor from Japan! Yay! Even more, from Osaka! Yay! Same place where Otani and Koizumi are! (Yes I'm obsessed with LoveCom<33) So... this makes me want to make more skins right now ;p

Well, that's it for now.


so, minnasan, ogenkidesuka!!?

kyo wa mokuyoubidesune..... yesterday eps. 11 of LoveCom was released... I stayed awake 'til 2:30am today just to download it and watch it (even though I knew what was going in the eps. since I read it i the manga)... Yes, you can call me crazy, but that's just how I am obsessed with it, lol.

anyway, I'm reading a new manga (again 'cause the ones that I was reading don't have any new chapters T_T) its called Love Monster.. its pretty funny though it can't be perverted at some parts, but the comedy makes up for those... umm.. scenes..

changing subject (i change subject too much, lol... but its just so that I don't make so many entries in a day) so... ehh... I found my old xanga thing... I had posted there my first siggy stuff... when I looked them, i think: "I started photoshop with that shit!?"... and also... i've been noticing that there are many noobs that make sigs so kick ass good. How do they do it? I've no idea...  anyway, here's the link, if you wanna see it.

Umm.. that's it for now... I'm tired of writting >.<



I just had dinner, gyoza to be exact... oishiiiidesunee!
So, umm.. I'm downloading new music like always, lol... but I'm running out of space >.< Problem, is that I have my music pretty disorganized, so I might have repeated songs xD! And... I'm not sure of how to organize it... by albums, by artists, etc..  Anyway, to organize it'll take me quite some time since I have more than 2000 songs.. I believe its should be reaching 3000 by now.

Anyway, that's it, today was really a boring day ;p


I want more..... plus!?

Konbachiwa, minna-san!

Today I decided to work on my site but I'm pretty slow... I get distracted to much by reading manga, browsing throgh the internet, etc. For example, right now I'm writting this instead of working on my site xP

So, umm... yesterday... or should I say today around 1:00 am I was reading another manga called: Cherry Juice (incredibly another shoujo manga! Lately I've been into shoujo) The manga is pretty short, 4 volumes, and quite funny, though not as much as Love-Com.  The story is about  the love between two siblings.

But that's not what I'm excited about right now, I just found out that the author of LoveCom released a special: Love Com Plus! I so wanna read it! I don't care if its in japanese!


not getting better


I still have a fever... not cool! Today is sunday, and I've got to do homework... I soo not want to... but duties call. Currently I'm downloading eps. 17 of Perfect Girl. Yesterday I was downloading it but it suddenly froze when it was on 91%! Just 2min and 7secs....


That was sugoii!

minna-san, konbachiwa! (lol, copying Yamapi!)

The other I watched Akihabara@deep and it was hilarious! I mean its about otakus though its better than Densha Otoko. And I actually recognize him! I mean Toma, he's acting as Box, and I as soon as I saw him, I told myself that I had seen it somewhere else... that nose... omg! its Junpei from HYD2! Lol, even though in HYD2 he just appeared in the 1st eps. I actually can recognize that nose, lol!

Anyway, akihabar@deep is about how otakus live in society and their problems.... and some other otaku(the bad guy) who is umm.. hunting otakus.. The story is kinda dumb but its funny. Which makes me think... am I an otaku!? I mean.. I love watching anime, reading manga, learning new stuff from the computer, downloading music (in excess),  playing video games, etc...

"In modern Japanese slang, an otaku refers to an overtly obsessive fan of any one particular theme, topic, or hobby. Common uses are anime otaku (one who sometimes enjoys many days of excessive anime watching with no rest) and manga otaku (a fan of Japanese graphic novels), pasokon otaku (personal computer geeks), gēmu otaku (playing video games), and wota (before refered as "idol otaku") that are extreme fans of idols, heavily promoted singing girls. There are also tetsudō otaku or denshamania (metrophiles) or gunji otaku (military geeks)."        -Wikipedia

So I guess I am an otaku though I don't go so excessive.. Anyway, changing the subject I saw the live action movie  of Death Note! Its so kakkoi-nee you should watch it! I mean you get this feeling of wanting to know what will happen specially if you haven't seen the the whole  or nothing of the anime of the manga, like me.  Ryuku actually look pretty good, even though it was computer made. As for the other characters, my favorites were L and Missi (something like that).  The only thing that sucks about it is the ending... kyaaa!! I want more!!!

Changing subject again.. currently I'm watching a new Anime.. Yamato Nadeshico Shichihenge... omoshiroineee~~~  Sunako-chan wa tottemo omoshiroi! Demo-neee... there are only 25 eps! Arienaitsuno!!!!! Currently I'm on eps. 14.... and eps. 20-25 haven't been subbed! Can you believe it!? I don't mind seeing it on RAW but I can't find it T_T  
Again, changing subject... last week there was no naruto or bleach manga chapter! Can you believe it!? Usodattebayou! lol At least there was anime eps.. but nothing really interesting except probably Bleach, which they changed quite a lot the episode. Anyway, I hope this week there's a manga chapter, in fact i'm going to check right now..
As for my Yampi fandom... I'm two eps.  late on  Proposal Daisakusen.. so I'm downloading #3 and #4. Also, I've been watching with no subtitles at all! I mean I get desperate waiting for subs, so I go and watch it on ahead... but then when the subs are out, I don't feel like watching it again... Of course, I'm missing many details but at least I get the idea.. This happens also with Bambino...in  which poor Jun has to struggle by.... umm.. cooking! Actually, now every time I go to a restaurant, I remember Bambino! And makes me think how hard it is to make food so fast, so you could say I'm more pacient ;p.  Anyway, I like Arashi's We can Make it!


what's so great about the internet?

music..chat..email..msn..hotmail..google..wikipedia..babelfish..gmail..radio..word reference..yahoo..forums..megaupload..savefile..gigafile..ebooks..file sharing..showcase..blogs..livejournal..xanga..communities..webrings..hi5..myspace..wordpress..vox..lyrics..azlyrics..animelyrics..letras lyrics..bittorrent..bit comet..mininova..the world in a click..google earth..stock photos..deviantart..sheezy art..world news..video sharing..youtube..dorama..d-addicts..promotional videoclips..commercials..bww2..jpopsuki..dictionary..encyclopedia..reviews..articles..anime..j-rock..j-pop..k-pop..c-pop..fandom..fanlistings..resources..pixel2life..class in your home..tutorials..worlwide friends..games..cracks..serials..search engines..file protocol transport..renders..brushes..templates..layouts..actions..plug-ins..softwares..file storage..gigabyte..terabyte..megabyte..kilobyte..byte..webcam..profiles..movies..videogames..and many more...but more than anything..free..I repeat..F-R-E-E

So this has been probably my largest post ever! But, you know, its been quite a time since I posted, so I put it all together lol.

Sorede.. ja... matade...


flash wi!

al fin tengo internet flash! yay! incluso es wireless! yay!
lo malo es k no sirve cuando no hay luz....T_T el inversor no sirve!!!!

n-e-way, gotta go, i'm hungry xP!



I changed the layout, lol. I actually wanted to use one of those cool layouts other people have (with custom banner, colors, etc.) but I don't know how to make them. Specially since it uses some strange "global" thing.... Anyway, tsukaretaneee... today was my first day of skool since vacations, and I had this stupid class: P.E. !! I hate it, not only because I suck at it, but because they make you do stupid shit!  To make my day worse,  when I returned home,  I found on my bed... POOP ! can you believe it!? My little cat made poop on my bed, T_T Yesterday he piii on it...